Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have two very contrasting quirks.  Number one: I am purger.  The minute that I feel that I do not need something it is GONE.  The second quirk I have is that I am a collector.  From shoes and decorative pins, to scrapbooking paper and felt board stories, I have enjoyed amassing odd little caches.  But basically once I am done collecting something, it better earn it's keep or the purging will begin and it's out the door.  Side note:  I have a very understanding husband, and very grateful friends.

The newest objects of my affection, you ask?  SALT!  Oh my heavens... glorious flavor infused crystals of tender taste-popping salt.

A while back a friend of mine lived in Europe for a year.  I was fortunate enough to become the recipient of some of her brilliant shopping and she started my obsession.  She gave me a jar of Rosemary Flavored Falk Salt.  For a while I just let it sit and stew in my cupboard because I was concerned I would never be able to find it again.  What sound logic!  I guess I forgot about this fancy little thing called Google.

After finally pulling my head out of my butt, I started to use the salt and realized that it was such an asset to my cooking.  What wouldn't we all give to be able to add rosemary flavor and essence to food without all the sticks of the herb afflicting your palate and gums?

So, eventually I found my way to Google and realized that this company makes a great assortment of salts.  I perused a few different websites and then made it my goal in life to own it every single salt they offered.  Wild Garlic, Rosemary, Wild Mushroom, Black, Red Chili, Citrus, Natural and Smoke. 

Here are some links to help you add a little extra something to your cooking:


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