Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shopping For Local Produce

I found this enticingly quaint, yet comfortably modern, farmer's "stand" yesterday and then shopped there this morning for my produce.

Although the prices are not phenomenally great, they are not unreasonably high. After all, these items are not coming from huge commercialized farms.

Apparently this farm started out smaller, and at one point their sales occured in a nearby house. Then they built this huge wooden structure that is rather rustically romantic and reminiscent of days gone by. It's an interesting hybrid of pine-scented barn, and up-to-date modern fixtures. I found it intriguing and charming.

I took a picture of the roll butter because that alone sold me on the place. Show me a handmade, old fashioned item and I chomp at the bit and drool like a mutt.

Side note: They sell rabbit meat here.... not so sure what I think about that.

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