Friday, June 18, 2010

Following Up on All That Pureeing

Here are a couple of visuals to add another level of understanding to the value in pureeing and freezing your vegetables for future food prep.

In the ice trays and plastic bag are the cubes of swiss chard. I ended up with 46 cubes from 75 cents of greens. That means that I can make a smoothie for 46 days on just $.75!!!!!!

Think back on my post about how much it would cost you to do a month of bagged spinach!

That is a savings of around $19... seriously! And it took me about twenty minutes of work to get all those little cubes ready to go.

Did you notice the huge bag of frozen strawberries? That was five dollars and about twenty minutes of work!

The smoothie you see next to the strawberries is the Pink Swiss recipe I posted earlier. It utilized the chard and the strawberries. Side note: Jack sucked his down. HAHA!!! Tricked him yet again. :)

Then there is the pic of my freezer brimming with bags of frozen carrot, squash, avocado, chard, and beet puree. There are also blackberries, strawberries, cantaloupe and bananas in there.

I am not going to take the time mathematically evaluate all those items. But, I am pretty sure that we both know there is no need to!

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