Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mantis Mojo Smoothie

One thing I have to say that I am thankful for is the fact that not only does my kid come running when he hears the blender chugging away, but he demands "MORE!" once he has inhaled the first sippy cup of green smoothie.

That means that I don't have to give the smoothies deceptive and attractive names to entice my kid to drink them. I can't tell you how many recipes I have found for green smoothies with names like "Yoda Power" or "Hulk Smoothie".

So, I get to name my recipes after things that I like, like insects. And, yes, it's gross!!! But that is how I roll. And don't worry, if there were insects in this you'd find it in the recipe.

In fact, for this one I tried to use ingredients that people usually have in their homes, like canned fruit and apple juice. If you want to make this one and forgo the Carrot Juice and Rice Dream you can, just add more apple juice and use regular skim milk.

Mantis Mojo Smoothie

1 c. Spinach
1/2 c. Carrot Juice
1/2 c. Ice
1/2 c. Canned Peaches
1/2 c. Canned Pears
1/2 c. Plain Yogurt
1/2 c. Apple Juice
1 Frozen Banana
1/2 Enriched Vanilla Rice Dream

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