Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Banana Processing

I love having a stopwatch on my wristwatch. First off, it works well for giving my kid a time out any time, any place. I had thought about using our strawberry shaped kitchen timer, but I'm not so sure how well that would fit in my pocket, let alone on my wrist.

Today I utilized my handy little watch with this posting in mind. I wanted to illustrate how little time it takes to process bananas for freezing.

It took me 12 minutes and 32 seconds from start to finish to do all the bananas you see above.

12 minutes and 32 seconds! Amazing huh?

The kicker? I bought these at the Farmer's store I posted about earlier. If you look around you can find places that are selling these super-ripe to over-ripe bananas on sale for 50-75% off.

That whole pile of bananas was 11 pounds! And it only cost me about $3.50!

So, $3.50 and 12 minutes and 32 seconds later, I have a huge lot of bananas ready to go into the freezer for future smoothies, bread, and more.

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