Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Anatomy of a Green Smoothie

I have been meaning to make this post for a while. My hesitation has been solely based on trying to find a way to explain that this is only my way of doing things without disqualifying the legitimacy of the method. Also, I am not interested in seeming like I think I invented something that I am sure has been done many times, in many ways, by many people. All disclaimers aside, here is a basic recipe for creating your own green smoothie.

1 C. of milk (skim milk, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, cashew milk, etc.)
and/or 1 C. silken tofu or 1 C. of plain yogurt.
1 C. of juice (apple, grapes, pomegranate, cranberry, carrot, etc.)
1 C. of greens, or one frozen cube of greens (swiss chard, spinach, kale, mustard greens, red beet greens, etc.)
1 1/2 C. of frozen fruit (you can mix this up)
1 Frozen Banana
1/2 C. water
1/2 C. ice cubes

Here is the order you put them in the carafe if you are using a blender:

milk, juice, water, banana, fruit, greens, ice cubes.

Let me know how it works for you! I appreciate any, and all, input!

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